It’s Time to Gear Up for Winter Driving

Motor vehicle-related accidents are perennially the leading cause of work-related fatalities in the United States. Between 2003-2009, thirty-five percent of all occupational fatalities were associated with motor vehicles as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although a variety of factors are associated with this statistic, adverse weather conditions can play a major contributory role. In Oregon, we deal with a wide variety of weather-associated hazards: rainfall, wet pavement and flooding; snow and icing; freezing rain and ice storms; fog ⎯ these are just a few of the hazards we face during inclement weather.

With the arrival of winter weather in Oregon, it is never too late to prepare yourself, both physically and mentally for driving under adverse conditions. Here are some links to helpful resources that will help you to make a safe transition into winter weather driving:

Minnesota Department of Public Safety: Winter Driving

Weather Underground: Winter Driving Preparedness

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Occupational Safety & Health Administration: Winter Storms

Oregon OSHA: Vehicle safety for small businesses in the construction