Giving Thanks to our Unsung Heroes

We face so many challenges within our healthcare system. And here at CROET we are working to understand how to help make our community’s caregivers healthier and safer on and off the job. We are aware of issues many caregivers face day after day – sleep deprivation, stress, shift work, and workplace violence. Sometimes we forget to reflect on the amazing work done by real people caring for real patients that we love.

Please consider these words of thanks, shared by someone near and dear to my heart. And don’t forget to thank a caregiver that you know.

“Events last summer have given me profound respect, indeed affection, for our health care system. I was the recipient of two ambulance trips to emergency following 911 calls.  I was hospitalized 13 days and then spent 20 days in rehab. In all, I was cared for by about 20 nurses, aides, occupational and physical therapists – all of them professional to the highest degree and unusually caring.  I cannot say enough about the emergency team of firefighters and medics from Station 20.  They were, fast, efficient, young, strong and gentle. The best I can recall is they all looked like they were right out of central casting. And they saved my life.  At 83 I am now exercising 5-6 days a week and living independently without in home aid. Although it has taken weeks for my body and soul to heal I am bowled over by our health care system and so grateful. There are many unsung heroes – firefighters, nurses, therapists and doctors. Thanks to one and all.”

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