What is CROET Really About?

We know that many of you see us primarily at educational events. Perhaps it’s at a health and safety conference, a meeting, or at one of our symposia. We often don’t have an opportunity to effectively share all of the pretty cool research that is happening in our labs and in the field.

Researchers at CROET are eager to learn more about what is important to you and your workplace, as well as to share their findings. We have recently updated information on our website to better share our accomplishments and highlights with you. It may be that there is a lot more happening than you imagined behind our walls. Did you know, for example, that our Genome Sciences group has developed patented technologies to repair sunlight-induced DNA damage? Or that our Nervous System Damage and Repair group has identified proteins that coordinate nerve growth and muscle excitation during normal development and following injury?

CROET has been built as a series of integrated programs, linking our outreach and education programs to our research programs – from workplace interventions down through human and laboratory research to research at the molecular and cellular level. We hope that you take a few minutes to learn about some of our specific highlights and accomplishments. And next time we see you – at GOSH or another conference or symposium – tell us what you think!

CROET’s Accomplishments
CROET Research and Laboratories