CROET’s Toxicology Information Center

Concerned about the hazards of chemical exposures in your workplace, home or other environments? Having difficulty interpreting a chemical Safety Data Sheet (formerly MSDS)? What about that mold growing in the bathroom? CROET’s Toxicology Information Center (TIC) is here to answer these questions and much more. Our goal is to provide up-to-date, unbiased information in a form that is understandable and useful to you. The following is a list of subject areas of interest to people that have called in the past week. Click on the link to learn more about each subject area:

Diesel exhaust fume exposure

Health problems related to Shiftwork

Pesticide exposures in agricultural communities

Mold in the home

Health effects from Mercury exposure

Indoor Air Quality

Lead poisoning treatment advice (referred to Oregon Poison Center)

Arsenic in Rice

Secondhand smoke in cars and childhood exposures

Cold exposure and older workers

Reusable grocery bag contamination

Data represent > 1700 calls over 10 years

If you find yourself in need of information about potential hazards in your workplace and home, please call the TIC at 1-800-457-8627 or 503-494-7366. You can also contact us by email at

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  1. It is great to see so many resources for “Health Problems Related to Shift Work.” Our constantly on the go culture has made many employees worked while sleep-deprived and fatigued. This can be a risk on the job, results in lowered productivity levels, and can cause major health problems in the long run.

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