2013 Safety Break Meets Wellness


OHSU’s Healthy Team Healthy U May 2013 Poster

Oregon Health and Science University is pleased to be one of dozens of Oregon organizations and companies participating in Safety Break for Oregon this year. While we believe in being safe every day, Safety Break allows us to join employers throughout our state to make a public statement about the importance of safety and health.

Here at CROET, the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, and OHSU, we wanted to go one step further and address our efforts integrating safety and wellness in Total Worker Health. As we begin to move beyond conversations into initiatives integrating safety and worksite wellness, why not weave the Safety Break message into our wellness messages for employees? So this month’s Healthy Team Healthy U poster is just that. There is some evidence that being healthy lessens our risk of getting hurt at work. We are reminded that while we choose health by riding our bicycles or walking to work – to do it safely. We need to remember  that creating a better ergonomically designed work station or task will not only help prevent injuries at work, but allow us to continue doing the activities that we love outside work, which may in fact improve our overall work and life satisfaction.

Safety Break in Oregon is officially May 8, but the posters are up throughout OHSU now. And our challenge to you? Learn one thing that helps you improve your health and safety both on-the-job and off. We’d love to hear what you come up with!

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  1. One thing I’ve learned is that we have a industrial hygiene department that ensures we work in a safe environment and help one another be safe, not only this week but throughout the year..

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