Oregon’s Stellar Occupational Safety & Health Conferences

Opening session at Blue Mountain 2013.
CROET Exhibit at Oregon GOSH 2013.

Having just returned from the Blue Mountain Occupational Safety & Health Conference, I am reminded yet again of the terrific value of our regional conferences to Oregon employers and employees.

Lest you believe that everything is always happening in Portland, think again! Whether we live in Northwest, Central, Eastern or Southern Oregon – every year we have opportunities to attend top level sessions addressing workplace health, safety and wellness. For those of us working in education and outreach at CROET, these are among our favorite events. How lucky we are to exhibit and instruct at such well organized and high performing conferences. What a boon for all of us to benefit from the collaborations between Oregon OSHA and the various organizations partnering to put on these successful events.

At this week’s Blue Mountain conference I sat in on two packed sessions: one on fatigue in the workplace and the other on what science tells us about flex and stretch programs. Both exceeded my expectation for both content and delivery – I learned a lot!

Exhibit hall at 2012 Central Oregon Conference.

Our tip for you? Add one or more of these to your calendar for 2013: Central Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference (Sept. 18-19); Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference (Oct. 16-17); or, Western Pulp, Paper, & Forest Products Safety & Health Conference (Dec. 3-6). And if you are a serious pre-planner? Plan to attend the 2014 Blue Mountain Occupational Safety & Health Conference and the 2015 Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Conference (March 9-12, 2015).

A big thanks to all the people involved in planning and supporting these events, for this powerful impact on health, safety and wellness within Oregon workplaces.

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