Oregon’s Occupational Health Nursing Profession

I was first introduced to occupational health nursing in graduate school when we industrial hygienists began core coursework with other students enrolled in occupational health nursing and as occupational health physicians. Our class was tightly knit and we quickly learned the skill and knowledge set we all brought to the table. What a great lesson!

Fast forward many years – I am eager to share a few words about the Oregon State Association of Occupational Health Nurses (OSAOHN). In 2014 OSAOHN will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary in Oregon. Here at CROET we have been pleased to have supported the OSAOHN CROET Worksite Award for many years. We appreciate the knowledge, expertise and passion occupational health nurses provide to employers and employees in Oregon.

OSAOHN Board Members at a recent meeting.

Occupational Health Nursing (OHN) is a unique nursing specialty with broad knowledge requirements. Complementing safety professionals and industrial hygienists, occupational health nurses focus on promoting and restoring health, protecting from exposures, and preventing illnesses and injuries.

Membership in the Oregon State Association of Occupational Health Nurses is open to licensed nurses currently engaged in occupational and environmental health, along with membership options for those currently inactive or not currently involved in occupational or environmental health, retired individuals, and students. Learn more about membership. Visit the OSAOHN website.

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