Shaking Down at Southern Oregon Safety Conference

10:17 AM in Medford.

What were you doing at 10:17 this morning?  The classes at this year’s Southern Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Conference, held in Medford, participated in Shake Down Oregon. No doubt, some attendees wondered what was going on – but all pretty clearly followed the lead of their instructor.

Every bit of planning we can do – work, home, and community – is important as we try to prepare for the big one. Today’s exercise came on the tail of a great session provided at the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s Northwest Occupational Health Conference in Seaside. We appreciate our guest speakers from the American Red Cross and the State of Oregon in helping us better understand the details of preparing for earthquakes and tsunamis.

Has your safety committee discussed your workplace plans? Does your family have provisions and plans in place? It is clear – the time really is now.

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