TWH at American Public Health Association in Boston

The four NIOSH-funded Total Worker Health (TWH) Centers presented a symposium Monday at the American Public Health Association meeting, in Boston (pictured below).

The Centers described part of their research programs. The following results were of particular interest:

  • Research showed that worker participation in a TWH process resulted in increased program sustainability, presented by Glorian Sorensen of the Harvard TWH Center
  • Studies indicated that worker participation was necessary for effective integration of TWH, presented by Laura Punnett of the University of Massachusetts of Lowell of the CPH-NEW (New England) TWH Center
  • A survey of over 6000 businesses in Iowa showing that small businesses reported a striking lack of Occupational Safety and Health programs among smaller employers, reported by Jim Merchant of the Iowa TWH Center
  • A comprehensive literature review revealed only 15 published reports of research studies of TWH intervention programs, although 14 of the 15  improved between 1 and 19 organizational or behavioral risk factors for accidents or chronic health diseases indicating broad effectiveness of the programs, reported by Kent Anger of the Oregon TWH Center

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