Institute Scientists Present at OR OSHA and OR Workers’ Compensation Events

Dr. Steven Shea and Dr. Fred Berman trade notes at the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Conference.

This season of health and safety conferences has been keeping Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences  personnel busy. Recently, Institute director Steve Shea spoke to attendees at Oregon OSHA and Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division conferences on how sleep disruption adversely affects worker health and safety, and Toxicology Information Center Director, Fred Berman, spoke to OR OSHA attendees on the toxicology of acids and bases.

Dr. Shea emphasized how sleep and circadian rhythms (the body clock) interact to coordinate the optimum function of the body’s organs, and disruption and de-synchronization of sleep/circadian functions caused by irregular or non-standard work schedules can increase the prevalence of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, poor mental health and cancer. If you’ve missed out on hearing Dr. Shea present on sleep, you can watch the webinar from our June ’13 symposium.

Michael Wood addresses staff at Oregon OSHA all staff meeting.

Dr. Berman spoke to OR OSHA personnel about the hazards and adverse consequences from exposure to caustic acidic and alkaline substances, including hydrofluoric acid and sodium hydroxide. Acids and bases are frequently encountered  in the workplace. Improper storage and handling of these substances is one of the issues commonly encountered by Oregon OSHA personnel.

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