Lunch is on us!

‘Tell us your workplace problems, and we’ll give you interventions/solutions’ is the promise of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center. One more thing, tell us how to get the interventions to you at our March 20 (11-2:30) Partner’s Luncheon at the Jantzen Beach Red Lion, and you get a free lunch: register here.  How do your qualify to be one of our partners?  You have to work at a company, government organization or union in Oregon and be in a position to influence the adoption of safety, health, wellness, well-being policies or activities in your organization.

There’s more: Our featured speaker at the Partner’s Luncheon is Lee Newman who co-directs Health Links Colorado, an academic-industry partnership that has brought wellness to more than 1000 small businesses in it’s first year. Lee can talk to real people, but he is also:
• Professor of Medicine; University of Colorado Denver
• Center Director; Center for Worker Health and Environment
• Center Director; NIOSH Mountain and Plains Education and Research Center
• Chief Medical Information Officer Axion Health, Inc.
And he’s coming to Oregon to tell us about how they developed Health Links, Colorado.

But we want to do more than wellness – we want to do Total Worker Health (safety and health, wellness and well-being) – so we’ve developed some dissemination plans to tell you about. They include self-assessments, health risk assessments, certifications, tools, big interventions, awards and a way to tell us if they are being successful in your organization. And we want you to tell us how to improve those plans – or even change them completely – to make them available to you in a practical, useful form. Because we know interventions, we just don’t know how to scale them up to get them into your hands.

Ready to register? You have to answer a short 4-question survey to register. That’s it. Then you give us your name and address (separately so the survey is confidential – not linked to your name) and you get the free lunch while we get your time and counsel. It’s a good deal for us. Click to go to the information page on the PARTNER’S LUNCHEON and register there (remember, it’s free).

We also need champions. People who want to help fund the dissemination to Oregon of these interventions and intervention tools (big and small), participate on the practitioners board, provide funding for the program and for grants to Oregon organizations to implement the interventions, and the board that will oversee the whole process as we develop it and roll it out.  So, if you want to do even more, contact OHWC Center Director Kent Anger  or Brittany Sale with the OHSU Foundation.  But if all you want to do is tell us what to do, just come to the Luncheon.  Did we mention it’s free?