From Fur-Trapping to High Tech: Celebrating Oregon Safety Break 2014

Log chute with ox teams, 1890’s. Courtesy of Old Oregon Photos.

What are you planning for Oregon Safety Break on Wed., May 14, 2014? If your organization isn’t already listed as a Participating Employer, it’s not too late. Join worksites across Oregon and honor safety leaders, hold a training, or start a conversation about safety and health.

Here at OHSU’s Occupational Health Sciences, we are eager to sponsor our noon seminar with a special nod towards this day as we present: From Fur-Trapping to High Tech: The evolving Oregon workplace and its impact on workforce safety and health.

If you are here at OHSU or would like to drop by, please join us at OHSU’s

Pouring the deck of the Oregon City Bridge, 1922. Courtesy of Old Oregon Photos.

Vollum Institute 1441M from noon to 1pm on Wed., May 14, and join our presentation and discussion.

Questions? Contact us.