Making a Difference

1st place O[yes] video contest winners from St. Helens High. Watch their video: Flashbacks.
It seemed strange, at first, to jump from the joys and celebrations of the O[yes]video contest screening, to the sadness of Worker Memorial Day two days later. And yesterday was truly a day of mourning as we recognized the 46 Oregonians who died at work or at war in 2013. There is nothing we can do to bring them back, and we feel for their families and co-workers.

We can, however, strengthen our efforts to eliminate workplace fatalities. The young people honored at the O[yes] video screening and awards ceremony do give us hope. They get it. Many entered the contest because they like to make videos and in hopes of winning a cash prize. After hearing them speak and meeting with them, we have no doubt that they also understand and share the commitment that we have, of making jobs safe for all workers. That in itself makes this contest a success!

2nd place team from Southridge High. Watch their video: Safety is the Last Thing on my Mind.

Thanks to the student producers, supporters, families and teachers who joined O[yes] on Saturday. A special thanks, as well, to all of the sponsors – it couldn’t have happened without you! Watch all of the video finalists. Read the press release. See photos on the O[yes] Facebook page. Contact us if you’d like to join our effort.

3rd place winners from South Salem High. Watch their video: Wisdom.


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  1. Excellent blog post! The contrast between the high school video contest and the Workers Memorial Day was striking, but it was also a powerful reminder that these young people are our next generation of workers and we need to fully engage them in our efforts to eliminate workplace fatalities. The students involved in this year’s contest were exceptional ambassadors of our message.

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