Moving Workplace Safety Ahead by Looking Back

Thanks to OHSU staff and visitors who joined us today for our Occupational Health Sciences Safety Break Seminar: From Fur-Trapping to High Tech: The evolving Oregon workplace and its impact on workforce safety and health.

We enjoyed the opportunity to share early Oregon workplace photos while we acknowledged the great strides we’ve made in protecting workers tempered by the reminders of the many challenges ahead. We were pleased to have staff join us from OHSU’s Environmental, Safety and Health Department, OHSU Risk Management and OHSU Health Promotion.

John Burnham (OHSU EH&S Director), Dede Montgomery, Fred Berman, and OHSU Risk Management’s Michael Rochlin.


Oregon City Arch Bridge – courtesy of Old Oregon Photos.







Choke setters – courtesy of Old Oregon Photos.


Pond monkeys – courtesy of Old Oregon Photos.








Raising the pole – courtesy of Old Oregon Photos.