Get Moving!

We look forward to next week’s symposium on Sedentary, Stationary and Physically Demanding Work. If the number of registrations is any indication of interest – wow, many of you are eager to learn more about health consequences and solutions as well. And while we look for ways to get ourselves moving during the day – whether that be sit-stand stations, walking meetings or stairwell challenges – we know that it really is a “lifestyle thing” and that our families, co-workers and organizations can be terrific motivators as we achieve better health.

For encouragement, keep in mind that my 84 year-old father is successfully demonstrating that you can make a positive change and potentially improve your health outcomes at any point. In his case, his 50 minute date with a stationary bike five or six days a week has significantly improved his health. If you are not yet convinced on the importance of moving, watch this: And some inspiration from those of us at the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center.




4 responses to “Get Moving!

  1. I rejoined OHSU in October of last year. The last time I worked here I gained a ton of weight. That combined with the baby I had a couple years ago, I knew things were going to be different this time around.
    I joined an amazing gym that I felt comfortable in and started really really slowly. I started walking the VA bridge on my lunch with a friend (or outside on nice days). I deliver papers instead of using campus mail. Of course, I take the stairs whenever I can.

    Since November of 2013 I have lost over 90 lbs. I now bike most days to and from work using the amazing valet service at the bottom of the tram. I have great support from my coworkers who are really active. I’ve learned these past few months that it isn’t about that big workout you don’t want to do at the end of the day, but rather a lot of little things. They really do add up. Now, when I’m sitting too long my legs get antsy and I know it’s time for a stretch and maybe a trip down the hall and back.

    Hope this inspires someone to keep working on their goals.

  2. Excellent and very motivational, I think the most important thing you said is – it’s a “lifestyle thing”. The more we make it inclusive in our life the better it works.

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