Occupational Health Psychology Summer Institute and Corrections Meeting Held at Portland State

The Oregon Health Workforce Center (OHWC) presented the first ever National Symposium on Corrections Worker Health last Tuesday (July 15) followed by the Third Annual Occupational Health Psychology Summer Institute (July 16-18) at Portland State University with added support from the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences (at Oregon Health & Science University). These major national meetings drew in 75-80 people.

The Corrections meeting was designed to identify major health problems in Corrections and to develop a research agenda to address those problems. The meeting was keynoted by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Deputy Director Margaret Kitt and National Institute of Justice Social Science Analyst Marie Garcia.  Pictured at the podium is the Symposium co-Director Dr. Kerry Kuehl of the OHWC and OHSU.  Dr. Martin Cherniack of the Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace (at the University of Connecticut) was the other co-Director; he gave the lead presentation of the symposium.

The Summer Institute led by Director Leslie Hammer, PhD, of Portland State University was divided into Theory and Research, the intersection of  research and practice: Total Worker Health (led by Dr. Kent Anger, OHWC Director) and keynoted by Dr. Laura Punnett of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, while the final day was devoted to practical interventions in the workplace.  Most of the speakers at the Summer Institute are pictured below.

Below are pictures of speakers not in the group picture above.

Below is a picture of Steve Hecker who was honored for his 3 years in the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center as one of Oregon’s finest; Steve is retiring from the Center in 2014.

Lastly is a picture of the Directors and Associate Directors of the four NIOSH-sponsored Total Worker Health Centers who attended the Total Worker Health day at the Summer Institute answering questions from the audience.

A web cast of the Corrections Symposium and the Practice day of the Summer Institute will be available on the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center web site in late July.