Research Interns Supporting Health, Safety and Wellness


2014 Occupational Health Sciences and Oregon Healthy Workforce Center Interns.
Aviva Browning, Lewis & Clark College, Anger Lab (“Developing a new method for delivering computer-based safety training to workers with limited or no computer experience”)















Jaime Cheng, Johns Hopkins University, Rohlman Lab (“Work, food and apprentices: Evaluating an online nutrition program”)










Devin Christiansen accepts 1st place award for top poster by Director Steve Shea. Devin Christiansen, Portland State University, Anger Lab (“Value of a Treadmill Option for Call Center Workers at Sit-Stand Desks”)















Leanne Hicks, Portland State University, Hammer Lab (“Safety and Health Improvement Program (SHIP) and team cohesion”)










Colleen Hunter, Pacific University, Olson Lab (“The relationships between perceived stress, social support, well-being, dietary habits, exercise and safety behaviors”)










Michael Jacobson, Reed College, Butler Lab, 3rd Place Award (“Does traumatic brain injury severity depend on the time of day?”)














Krista Leonard, Willamette University, Rohlman Lab (“Developing an integrated approach to Total Worker Health trainings: Online vs. supervisor-led”)










Hilary Nichols, Western Washington University, McCullough Lab (“Evaluating educational programs on sun safety for Oregon young and future workers”)










Tiffany Nguyen, Yale University, Turker Lab (Effect of the APPL/Goa pathway on neurodegeneration induced by abnormal Ca2+ influx)














Silvia Plascencia, University of Portland, Kretzschmar Lab (“Effect of the Appl/Goa pathway on neurodegeneration induced by abnormal Ca2+ influx”)










Grace Recht, Ohio Wesleyan University, Kuehl Lab (Understanding the durability of a Total Worker Health Program: Mixed methods finding”)














Ryan Stadnik, University of Colorado-Boulder, Spencer Lab, 2nd Place Award (“Seasonal variation in onset of a childhood seizure disorder”)














Madison Trowbridge, Linfield College, Shea Lab (“Influence of recent sleep and food cues on hunger ratings”)










Jeana Yee, Johns Hopkins University, Olson Lab (“The relationships of work demands, perceived stress, and social support on the physical activity of truck drivers”)















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