Another Reason to Get Up!

Dr. Saurabh Thosar presents at our June 2014 Symposium.

Top news organizations, following an initial story by Indiana University, have jumped on to findings from a recent publication from Indiana University and our own Dr. Saurabh Thosar.

This new study by researchers at Indiana University and published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggests that you can prevent the impairment of blood flow in leg arteries by taking a five-minute walking break for every hour of sitting. Occupational Health Sciences’ Dr. Saurabh Thosar was the study’s lead author for this research that was completed during his time working at Indiana University.

Sitting can cause blood to pool in the legs and prevent it from effectively flowing into the heart. The study found that normal functioning of the artery can be reduced by as much as a half after one hour of sitting. Dr. Thosar presented these findings at our June 2014 Symposium on Sedentary and Stationary Work, and you can access his handout and recorded webinar on our symposium webpage.

Dr. Thosar recommends that it’s best to not sit for too long. Every now and then, walk to the water fountain, or go and talk to a co-worker instead of emailing them. If you have access to treadmill desks, use them.

Access the full publication. Looking for more ideas to sit less at work? See our tip sheet, Workplace Solutions to Get People Moving.