Cancer Prevention Grants for Oregon’s OSH Community

The Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) is offering new grants through their Community Partnership Program to aid communities statewide in better understanding and addressing their cancer-related needs.  So the grants can be applied to learning about a type of cancer in the community or to interventions to prevent cancers.  A simple intervention might be to publicize the need to stop smoking in an occupational population that has a high percentage of smokers, or to get people who work outside to wear hats to prevent sun exposure.  These are just examples to get you thinking, not recommendations.

The program will provide grants and other resources to address community-identified cancer:

  • prevention
  • early detection
  • treatment
  • survivorship needs

Labor unions, trade associations, businesses, agencies are all “communities” that can apply for these grants.  You can even form your own community for the purpose of applying for one of these grants.

Three tiers of grants are available to meet the differing needs of Oregon communities:

  • Early Stage grants of up to $10,000
  • Developmental grants of up to $25,000
  • Program Advancement grants of up to $50,000

For more information, go to the Community Partnership Program website (pictured).

Hurry, the first round of letters of intent are due on October 31 – and yes there is still time as all you need at this stage is an idea – though additional rounds of this grant program will be available for 10 years.  Ten!

If you have an idea, give them a call (the number is on the website.  You will have to find an OHSU faculty sponsor but they can help you with that.  Or call a PI in the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center and we can get you in touch with the program.