SERVe Serves Employers of Veterans

Portland State University, in partnership with OHSU and the VA, is working on a $5 million Department of Defense grant offering free training to organizations who want to be the employer of choice for Oregon’s returning veteran population.

The Veteran Supportive Supervisor Training (VSST), developed by Dr. Leslie Hammer and her team focuses on teaching supervisors supportive behaviors and military culture in order to increase veteran job retention.  Dr. Hammer saw a need due to Oregon being the second most deployed state in the last decade and wanted to give organizations and employees a leg up in the reintegration process.

This training will not only bolster an organization’s bottom-line, but facilitate better communication between supervisor and employee, reduce intent to turnover, and ultimately improve work/life balance for the whole organization.

Currently, SERVe (Study for Employment Retention of Veterans) is looking for employers to take part in the free training.  Veterans who work at least 20 hours a week at participating organizations and are post 9/11 can take part in surveys measuring how the training is affecting their work and family life balance; they will be compensated $25 per survey (3 surveys in total).

The list of current participants includes private companies such as Intel, EID Passport and Bend Research, as well as state and local governments: Multnomah and Clackamas Counties among others.  Other participating organizations can be seen at www.

Organizational training recruitment continues through Fall 2015.  Please contact Michelle Matthews, Military Project Coordinator for a packet of information about how to get involved:

Submitted by Michelle Matthews, Portland State University

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  1. This is exciting to me as a veteran, even though I don’t fit their requirements to participate in the study. Perhaps, if OHSU gets involved in the study, we will have the momentum to get the Veteran’s Employee Resource Group up and running.

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