Check out ASSE’s Health and Wellness Branch

So many people are talking about health and wellness. We are flooded with news about why and how to address health at work. More than ever, the networking and connections within and between our disciplines are critical to get up to speed and keep up with the momentum.

One of the groups actively networking on safety, health and wellness is the American Society for Safety Engineer’s (ASSE) Health and Wellness Branch. ASSE has been around since 1911, and has more than 36,000 members worldwide who are occupational and safety professionals. We have blogged before about the activities and richness found within our Oregon ASSE Branches, including the Columbia Willamette Chapter, St. Helen’s Section, Santiam Section, Cascade Chapter, Southern Oregon Chapter, and student chapters at both Oregon State University and Mt. Hood Community College.

ASSE’s Health and Wellness Branch was approved at the Safety 2011 Council on Practices & Standards (CoPS) meeting and is sponsored by the Healthcare Practice Specialty. This Branch provides a forum to raise awareness and educate its’ members on personal and global health and well-being and the connection to safety. Ways you can be active with this group:

  • Visit the Branch webpage and join (no additional cost if you are already a member of ASSE’s Healthcare Practice Specialty).
  • Attend the Branch-sponsored sessions at ASSE’s annual Professional Development Conference.
  • Join the Branch on Linkedin.
  • Receive its newsletter and join in on monthly phone calls.

I have found it to be yet another great connection as we pursue safety and Total Worker Health. Check it out and let us know what you think!