What do we do for fun?

Our last blog on the importance of disengaging outside of work seemed to strike a chord with many of us. What do our researchers and partners do outside of work? See if you can locate our Director, Dr. Stephen Shea. And just who was that “anonymous” tram rider who sparked last week’s blog?

You might find PSU/OHWC’s Leslie Hammer enjoying family time on the slopes.
Look for Kent Anger joined by his wife if you spot this boat on the Willamette.
OHSU’s William Wilson, MD, might pop up on stage as in this role of “The Old Actor” in the Fantasticks at H.A.R.T.
We know our partner Paula Jones of SAIF Corporation is always game for outdoor fun.
If we’re really lucky we might pass Brad Wipfli and his growing son on the trail.
Ryan Olson takes in the outdoors with his family.
Fred Berman makes some new friends.
Watch the video about our Director Steven Shea’s research
and learn what other career he might have chosen!
If you need information about canine nosework trials, better ask Diane Elliott, OHSU/OHWC.


Tell us – what do you do?