Another successful PhD graduate!

Stacey Lin poses with Drs. Stephen Lloyd (L) and Institute Director Steven Shea (R) during her PhD thesis defense.

Congratulations to newly minted PhD Stacey Lin for successfully defending her graduate thesis, which explored the mechanisms by which a potent liver carcinogen, Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1), produces DNA mutations that eventually lead to cancer of the liver. She is interested in the mutagenic spectrum of AFB1 and the ability of cells to bypass and repair genetic damage. The results of Stacey’s work opens new avenues of research that will allow scientists to further probe and understand how environmental factors cause cancer, and ultimately leading to better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent cancers.

Stacey grew up in Taiwan, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Forestry from National Taiwan University. After receiving her degree, she worked as a technician at the University of Pittsburgh where she grew to enjoy molecular biology in the lab of Dr. Tawbi. She came to Portland in 2010 to enter the Program in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences at OHSU, where she joined the laboratories of Stephen Lloyd and Amanda McCullough. Her work with Dr. Lloyd focused on DNA repair enzymes known as glycosylases and polymerases. When not in a lab, Stacey enjoys hiking, music and trying new foods from a variety of cuisines.

Kudos to Dr. Lloyd as well – Stacey is the 21st graduate student to successfully complete a PhD program under his mentorship.