SAIF agricultural safety seminars

Instructors Kirk Lloyd and Kevin Pfau.

SAIF Corporation is Oregon’s not-for-profit workers’ compensation insurance company.  For the past 20 years SAIF has been providing free Agricultural Safety Seminars throughout Oregon.  The well-attended 2014-2015 seminar series included 27 training sessions held in 18 cities and eight of the trainings conducted entirely in Spanish.

In the summer of 2014, OR FACE met with seminar organizers Kirk Lloyd, Kevin Pfau, and Chuck Easterly to discuss collaboration and intervention based on Oregon agricultural fatality data.    Kirk and Kevin have been developing the seminar curricula for many years and are also the primary English session presenters.

OR FACE along with nearly 80 farm owners and workers attended the seminar held in Clackamas on February 26.  The success of these seminars is evident in attendees returning year-after-year.  One attendee at the Clackamas seminar mentioned that she started coming the 2nd year it was offered and hasn’t missed one since.  Kirk did an exceptional job in using personal stories that combined OR-FACE agricultural data and concepts in communication across generations.  Kevin covered electrical safety and lessons learned from serious injuries.  He facilitated successful group breakout sessions in which attendees analyzed the causes of a tractor fatality and an amputation case.  Descriptions of the topics covered can be found here.

Submitted by Illa Gilbert-Jones, Oregon FACE Program Manager