New pesticide fact sheets from ODA

Improper use of pesticides in the home, on the farm, or in a forest can harm people, animals and the environment. The Pesticide and Analytical Response Center (PARC), a program operated by the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Pesticides Division, and the Oregon Health Authority, have collaborated in the production of two fact sheets that explain what to do and who to call if you are concerned about an application or have actually been exposed to a pesticide. Immediate actions to take to prevent or stop an exposure, important information that you should write down to document the circumstances of an exposure, how to report an incident, and additional information resources are provided.

The fact sheets are available online in printable PDF format. Click here for the “What to do if you are exposed to pesticides” fact sheet, and here for the “Concerned about a pesticide application?” fact sheet.


For additional information, please visit:

Pesticide Analytical and Response Center

Pesticide Exposure Safety and Tracking Program (PEST), Oregon Public Health Division

National Pesticide Information Center