Pendleton hosts the Blue Mountain health and safety conference

The Pendleton, Oregon Convention Center was the site of the annual Blue Mountain Occupational Safety & Health Conference, held June 1 & 2, 2015. More than 200 participants from diverse industries, including agriculture, corrections, food processing, wood products, energy and more, registered for this conference.

A variety of interesting and helpful sessions were available to attendees, who came away with an increased knowledge and enthusiasm for advancing safety and health in the workplace. Keith Bardney, Senior Director for Safety, ConAgra Foods, Naperville, Illinois, presented the keynote address on how to take a workplace culture from a dependent stage to an independent stage and finally to an interdependent stage. Keith showed us how he engages employees to take ownership in the safety process by forming self-directed teams, assisting with goal setting, identifying areas of risk, and coming up with safety solutions in a team environment.

We highly recommend that you put this conference on your calendar for next year. Pendleton and the beautiful Blue Mountains of Oregon is a wonderful site for engaging your colleagues in the advancement of safety and health in your workplace.

This event was a joint effort of the Oregon SHARP Alliance, Oregon OSHA, and employers/employees from Northeast Oregon.