4th Annual Occupational Health Psychology Summer Institute

Peggys CoveThe 3‐day institute hosted this year by Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia featured renowned researchers and practitioners in occupational health psychology, total worker health, and safety research and practice. This fourth annual event was attended by safety and health practitioners, occupational health nurses, human resources/benefits/ training managers, union representatives, and workers’ compensation consultants. Topic included:

  • Finding Solutions to Workplace Burnout presented by Dr. Christina Maslach
  • Interventions to Reduce Work-Life Stress and Improve Health of Workers presented by Dr. Leslie Hammer
  • Leadership, Safety, and Occupational Fatigue presented by Dr. Jane Mullen
  • The Social Context of Burnout and Engagement presented by Dr. Michael Leiter
  • Mental Health Awareness Training presented by Jennifer Dimoff
  • Creating a Climate for Health presented by Dr. Robert Sinclair
  • Understanding the Value of Recognition at Work presented by Dr. Kevin Kelloway
  • Fostering Work-Life Wellness through Resilience presented by Dr. Arla Day
  • Culture First presented by Paul Kells
  • Psychological Standards: What can we Learn from Safety’s Experience presented by Dr. Mark Flemming
leslie 2
Dr. Hammer presents in Halifax.

Starting in 2012, when first hosted by the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC) and the Portland State University OHP program, we have been alternating coasts to provide local, regional, and international practitioners and academics the state of the art updates on OHP. Last year the OHWC introduced Total Worker Health to the mix and we plan to continue that focus next year in Portland when we host the 5th Annual OHP-SI July 12-14, 2016 with a current working theme of “OHP Innovative and Creative Strategies leading to TWH.”

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Submitted by Leslie Hammer, Ph.D.,  OHWC Associate Director, Project PI

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