Occ Health Sci tackles outreach

Basic and applied scientists, information specialists, research staff and practitioners focused today on ways to grow and improve outreach at the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences. Pictured is Institute Director Dr. Steve Shea describing the Institute research programs. And Dede Montgomery (pictured left) talked about ways to engage with our stakeholders through outreach channels (like all the Oregon OSHA conferences attended by Dede Montgomery, Fred Berman, Anjali Rameshbabu and others).

Director Steve Shea speaks to  outreach meetingOcc Health Sci is reimagining its website to make it more informative and useful to all our many audiences.  Please browse our website and send us suggestions (and see the blog below asking for input on our information directory that is read by 70,000 people per year).  If you’re interested in our Institute and its important mission to promote health and prevent disease and disability among working Oregonians and their families, look at our website and tell us how to improve it.

We value your ideas and suggestions.  Here are some things we heard about our website in our meeting:

  • Add a scrolling news feed on the home page
  • Too many words (ouch, that hurt)
  • Link the faculty pictures with their research topics
  • Improve the search capability (like for archived presentations) by using keywords or suggested search topics
  • More testimonials – what do people think about us (maybe you could send us a testimonial)

Surely you, dear reader, have some more ideas to add