What do you know about diet and chronic disease?

NW Health imageWe are pleased to be a supporter of the upcoming Northwest Health and Nutrition Conference: Exploring the science behind plant-based nutrition. This full day conference will be held on Friday, November 13, 2015 at Portland’s Oregon Convention Center.

The Northwest Health and Nutrition Conference is an opportunity to find out the latest information on plant-based diets with respect to clinical nutrition, the effects of diet on chronic disease prevention and control, and on designing an optimum plant-based diet. The conference offers professional credit for many medical professions, including dietitians, but also offers important information with others with strong interests in health and diet. We look forward to hearing the presenters who include:

  • Michael Klaper, MD: Putting Nutrition to Work in Autoimmune Disease: Plates over Pills
  • Paulette Chandler, MD, MPH: Nutrition and Cancer: Fight Cancer the Whole Foods Way
  • Neil Nedley, MD: Nutrition, Depression, and Mental Performance
  • Matt Ruscigno, MPH, RD: Plant-based and Powerful: What We Know About Vegan Athletes
  • Carol DeFrancesco, MALS, RDN, LD: Motivational Interviewing: Conversations that Lead to Change

Visit the website today to learn more and register. See you there!

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