One stop shopping

imageThe best thing about exhibiting at events is interacting with our stakeholders. We learn a lot about organizations doing great things towards workplace safety, health, wellness and well-being.

And this week’s Oregon Workers’ Compensation Conference in Salem is no exception. Today I reconnected with the safety manager of Mountain Rose Herbs, a supplier of traditional medicine herbs and spices with 200 employees based in Eugene.

Rick Pasley is responsible for safety and wellness at Mountain Herb. He believes that sometimes it’s easier to address Total Worker Health when there are fewer layers or players involved, such is often the case within a smaller company. Rick believes that the more people care about their body, the more they will care about safety, and be more present and mindful in their surroundings.

Every Wednesday Rick shares wellness-related information with his staff; often tying it to safety. Rick also recognizes communication and conflict resolution strategies and trainings to be an important part of safety and wellness.

We recognize Rick as a passionate leader working to address Total Worker Health in his organization. What are you doing to help your organization address safety, health, wellness and well-being?

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