Oregon FACE helps with OSHA 10 for high schoolers

(CE)2 students and instructors December 2015 OSHA-10 general industry class
(CE)2 students and instructors
December 2015 OSHA-10 general industry class

OR-FACE taught machine guarding in an OSHA 10 general industry class for another group of students in Community Experience for Career Education (CE)2 . The (CE)2 program is led by Learning Managers Sue McGee and Tony Hunt and is an alternative education program in the Tigard-Tualatin School District. Through the program students have an opportunity to develop job skills through practical experience while earning core credits toward a high school diploma. Not only do students participate in internships with local businesses, they also give back to the community by volunteering for community projects.

At the start of the session, students were asked if they knew someone who was injured by an unguarded machine. Surprisingly, many of them knew a friend or family member who sustained an injury from poorly guarded machinery. The stories they shared and discussions of actual OR-FACE cases fostered vigorous participation in what could have been a tedious session. Most importantly, students communicated that they knew the impact of an occupational injury/fatality.

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