BOLI vendor meeting informs

Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) Apprenticeship & Training Division ODOT-BOLI Highway Construction Workforce Development Program “Promoting opportunities in Oregon’s highway construction trades” is a partnership to expand opportunities for diversity in employment, increase apprenticeship participation and increase training resources for individuals interested in highway construction careers throughout the State of Oregon. The Program held it’s quarterly vendor meeting at the Northwest College of Construction last week.  The meeting is pictured below.

BOLI meeting 1-2016

Vendors described available grants, loans at low interest rates to build credit, successful apprenticeship programs for minorities and women, and the Tongue Point Job Corps Center in Astoria.

Dr. Kent Anger is pointing at a powerpoint slide in construction health.

Dr. Kent Anger of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (above) described the results of a Center Total Worker Health (TWH) project pilot study in construction.  Participants learned team-building skills, healthy lifestyle information and tracked the frequency of their interactions with their co-workers; the participants reported liking the program and finding it useful in confidential surveys.  The results revealed a number of improvements in topics taught by the training, including statistically significant increases in self-reported family-supportive behaviors, safety compliance, support for exercise by family and co-workers, and sleep time increased by 20 minutes per night.  Interested companies can learn more about the supervisor training project in construction at the OHWC website.