How’s that video coming along?

video contest Less than ten days remain for Oregon high school students to create and submit their 90 second video entry for the Oregon Young Employee Safety Coalition’s annual “Work Safe. Save a Friend” contest.

O[yes] seeks entries that will inspire teens to do at least one thing differently to stay safe on the job. The group looks for videos that will motivate other teens to think about the importance of speaking up for safety in the workplace, and awards $500 to the winning producer with a matching prize to the student’s school. Second and third cash prizes, also with matching school awards are also awarded.

Any high schooler in Oregon – whether in public or private school, or home-schooled – can submit an entry. The O[yes] team is eager to see what new and creative messages will be delivered this year. And don’t think it’s too late! Previous years’ winners have admitted not actually filming their video until the last minute. Are you or do you know a creative high school teen? Send them to the video contest website. And our one tip? Read the rules!