Retooling our future

imageA favorite activity for those of us active in outreach at Occupational Health Sciences is catching up with our stakeholders at events.

This spring has been active – and certainly we have heard a recurring theme. There continue to be great career opportunities for those moving into the trades! And as those new to the trades take on new jobs – it continues to be important for us to help discover effective ways to deliver critical safety and health messages. What we know is how easily it is to get hurt at work when you are new and just learning the tools of any new trade or job.

Through our engagement with the Northwest Youth Expo and the Women in Trades Career Fair we are pleased to meet career seekers, and so many inspirational mentors for those new to the world of work. Top on my list was my conversation with Cory this week in Eugene at the Cascade Occupational Safety and Health Conference. She was introduced to a trade almost a dozen years ago while visiting the Women in Trades Career Fair, and now works in metal fabrication at Mohawk Metal, teaches welding, and is a safety champion. Kudos to Cory and all of our workplace mentors!

We appreciate our partners in the trades and look forward to more opportunities to work collaboratively to create safe workplaces.

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