Partnering in occupational health

At the Oregon State Association of Occupational Health Nurses annual conference. Thank you Shelley Jones!

Here at OHSU we have the great pleasure of partnering with colleagues from Bangkok Dusit Medical Services through the OHSU Global SE Asia Program. The goal of this five-year alliance between OHSU and BDMS is to build bridges, share knowledge and collaborate in research to advance health. Not only have I been lucky to travel to Thailand to work with BDMS staff, but I was able to host four fabulous occupational health physicians and nurses  over the past two weeks.

Thank you to our supportive Oregon and Washington partners who shared their knowledge and expertise with our guests. We continue to learn so much as we compare and contrast our workplace safety and health systems, and as we imagine new and different ways to move ahead in our common goal of protecting workers in all workplaces, and improving health in all communities.

We thank our guests from Thailand for adhering to our demanding schedule. We give particular thanks to our partners and colleagues including: Oregon OSHA Consultation team, Hoffman Construction Company, SAIF Corporation, the Boeing Company, Kaiser, OHSU Employee Health, OHSU Risk Management, OHSU Patient Transportation, the Oregon State Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Gunderson, Harry’s Fresh Foods, Progressive Rehab Associates, and Northwest Occupational Medicine.

We are so lucky to work with so many fabulous partners and collaborators. We could not do our work without you!

Learning about Oregon OSHA Consultation from Russell Frankel.



Joining Oregon OSHA on a consultation with Hoffman Construction Company. Thank you Bill Brumm and Tony Howard (and Craig Hamelund!)
Learning about SAIF Corp with Deb Fell-Carlson. Thanks also to Dan Stuckrath!
At Harry’s Fresh Foods with Sonya Pollard.
Trading notes with OHSU Occupational Health clinicians.
Learning about HoverMatt use from OHSU Patient Transportation team.
Comparing Risk Management notes with Laura Martin.