Welcome 2016 summer interns!

Twelve of our fifteen 2016 interns.

It’s that time again! Our summer research interns have begun showing up – ready to dive into occupational health and safety research. We are so lucky to be able to collaborate with such energetic and bright young people.

This summer we welcome 15 interns:

Yvonne Barsalou – Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR – Lim Lab
Georgeann Booth –Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR – Shea Lab
Todd Carroll – University of Portland, Portland, OR – Olson Lab
Kathleen Daly-Jensen – Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA – Turker Lab
Alejandra Garfias – Portland State University, Portland, OR – Hammer Lab
Ali Noel Gunesch – Brown University, Providence, RI – Allen Lab
Julia Khoury – Oregon State University, Corvallis, WA – Olson Lab
Sadie Krahn – George Fox University, Newberg, OR – Kretzschmar Lab
Eleanor Lagnion – Washington State University, Pullman, WA – Wipfli Lab
Luke Mahoney – Portland State University, Portland, OR – Hammer Lab
Mubark Mebrat –Portland State University, Portland, OR –Lloyd Lab
Natalie Ploof – Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA – Wipfli Lab
Austen Suits – University of Washington, Seattle, WA – Spencer Lab
Shivam Swamy – University of Portland, Portland, OR – Butler Lab
Vivienne Voisin – Portland State University, Portland, OR – Hurtado Lab

To be eligible for an Institute-funded award, students must be Oregon residents or attend college in Oregon, and be undergraduates. Thank you to all students who applied for these very competitive awards.