Diversity, inclusion and Total Worker Health

imageWe are pleased to announce our fall symposium that will address diversity, inclusion and Total Worker Health. We hope you will join us on Friday, November 18 in Portland as we delve into this topic and supporting research, examine best practices, and imagine how our organizations can move ahead. And as always, you can join us in person or by live webinar.

Is it part of our own humanness that we don’t truly understand something until we actually experience imageit? My last few weeks have opened my eyes to things about which I thought I had both knowledge and empathy. I understand how exhausted I am in my new, temporary way of getting to and from work, to the grocery store and beyond. But what I didn’t expect was my increased level of frustration at both how poorly so many environments are built – especially in older academic settings, such as buildings here at OHSU – to support certain disabilities, but particularly my reaction to people who seem to not pay attention. Trucks that park blocking handicapped parking access; people who look at their phones and walk by someone in need of opening a door where no automatic doors exist. Whereas we can find a fair amount of information about “wellness” as related to the built environment and disabilities, I’m not sure we have as many conversations about the “well-being” component, and how to create psychologically healthier support systems.

I am eager to listen to the presentations and discussions related to this topic in November, and hope to see you! Look for a flier in the mail later this month, chat with us at our fall exhibits and check out the agenda on our website. Look for online registration on the website by Oct. 1.