Oregon offering Train-the-Trainer events for the Revised Worker Protection Standard

k5197-3Starting January 2, 2017, agricultural workers and pesticide handlers that work on agricultural establishments must be trained annually about pesticide safety and the Worker Protection Standard (WPS). Workers and handlers must be trained before they begin worker/handler tasks, EPA-approved training materials must be used, and trainers must be qualified.

Here is where the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences, National Pesticide Information Center, OSU extension, Oregon Department of Agriculture, Oregon OSHA and others play a role: many of us just returned from Yuma, AZ and Davis, CA after receiving training to become WPS Train-the-Trainer instructors. We will provide training to ensure that Oregon agricultural employers are able to comply with the new WPS rules.

Eight Train-the-Trainer events are planned in the coming months, at various locations around the state. Each full-day course is free-of-charge, and trainers will receive reference materials. Completing this course will also qualify the attendees to deliver Train-the-Trainer courses in the future.

Any certified applicator or agricultural employer is qualified to train workers, and EPA-approved training materials for workers are available online. Trainers without applicator certification/licensing must complete an EPA-approved “Train-the-Trainer” course in order to be qualified to train handlers. Although certified applicators are qualified to train handlers, they are encouraged in the new rule to complete an EPA-approved train-the-trainer course before the end of 2018.

Handlers” are mixers, loaders, applicators, flaggers, application helpers, early-entry workers, and anyone who disposes of pesticides or unrinsed containers, and/or anyone who works on application equipment that may contain pesticide residues.

Apply here to attend a Train-the-Trainer course led by OSU.

Read all about the newly revised Worker Protection Standard in the “How to Comply” manual.

For questions about compliance with the new regulation, contact Grant Jackson at 503-986-4553.

For questions about OSU Train-the-Trainer events, contact Cameron Hughes at 541-737-6123.