Practicing diversity and inclusion

773681_10151308110654230_1545574424_oI met a new friend while grocery shopping the other day: she was on a knee scooter while I was newly “graduated” to one crutch. I struck up a conversation, sharing with her that there was hope in moving ahead. We all learn – whatever our personal trials – the power of sharing with those who may empathize with our challenges. We experience the emotional power of sharing every day in our lives: at work and at play.

This conversation in passing turned into a much longer conversation and a new friendship. My friend shared how she recently lost her job shortly after being disabled. She shared with me the unkind comments expressed to her from co-workers after suffering her injury. Surprisingly to me, she worked in health and fitness. And our new relationship spurred me to yet again recognize the timeliness of my personal disabling experience and that of current discussions related to our recent election, to this week’s symposium, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Impact on worker health and well-being.

This Friday’s attendance has reached our space capacity for live attendance, although you can still join us by live webinar – or look for the recording posted on our website a week or two following the event. Follow and join us on Twitter and use the hashtag #diversityandinclusion for live event sharing. We look forward to a day of learning, sharing and helping our organizations support all community members.