Are you prepared?

fullsizerender While we are immersed in challenges related to snow and ice today, Institute faculty and staff prepared for another type of emergency earlier this week. We ensured that we are in fact prepared to respond to cardiac arrest by refreshing our ability to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

And while most of us have taken such a class before, we received a unique opportunity to learn from an instructor from the Portland Timbers Army CPR team. As we practiced our skills with CPR and using an AED (automated external defibrillator), we also learned that this Timbers Army CPR/AED team teaches a monthly free CPR class at Providence Park that is open to all. With schools and most public buildings now required to have AED’s onsite, it is important for all of us to feel comfortable – if put in the position – to take the lead on initiating a response that could save the life of a family member, friend, or a stranger. Research from the American Heart Association tells us that approximately 70% of all cardiac arrests happen at home. As we have all heard so many times, every moment counts. And some of us know this deeply and personally if we have lost someone we love to a cardiac incident.

We share a big thanks to our instructor, Dale Montgomery, and to the Timbers Army CPR Team! We also thank our Director, Steve Shea, for prioritizing this offering for our workforce. What about you – are you confident you could lend help in an emergency?