OR-FACE posts workplace fatality reenactments

Presenter Mike Riffe at GOSH 2015
Presenter Mike Riffe presenting “In Memory Of” at GOSH 2015

OR-FACE (Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program) was excited to participate in the 2017 Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Conference (GOSH). As in previous years, the event highlighted the passion within the Oregon community of safety and health professionals. Other consistently favorite features of GOSH are networking with partners and attending engaging sessions. This year, Barb Epstien and Illa Gilbert-Jones presented an interactive session highlighting OR-FACE’s mission and purpose, outreach resources, and taking an in-depth look at the trends in Oregon occupational fatalities. Selected case studies were summarized and attendees discussed key recommendations for preventive actions. That presentation is posted on our website for those who may have missed our session.

As we wrap up GOSH 2017, OR-FACE would like to remind Oregon in the Workplace readers that Mike Riffe’s GOSH 2015 presentation, In Memory Of, is available on our YouTube playlist. Mike is a former OR OSHA fatality investigator and his presentation at GOSH 2015 was cited as one of the best safety presentations participants had attended. OR-FACE recorded the talk and divided it into seven separately recorded presentations, by topic. In each video Mike creates models based on actual Oregon workplace fatalities to demonstrate each incident and discuss investigation findings and prevention. They provide an impactful reenactment.

Access all of the videos:

We thank all of our followers and supporters for using and sharing our Institute and OR-FACE resources in efforts to make jobs and workplaces safer for all workers.

Submitted by: Barb Epstien, Fatality Investigator/Outreach Specialist

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  1. The GOSH initiative is a commendable one. It’s always the “passion” for safety that makes all the difference. And, such networking opportunities play an important role in the awareness and advancement of safety.

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