Catching up with the times: Resource Directory updated

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When our Institute, then CROET, first designed our original Resource Directory in 1996, then CROETweb, most of us were just beginning to learn to search and find information on the web. Can you believe that we even taught a class at the Oregon Governor’s Safety Conference on how to search the web? That was before my time here at OHSU, although I do remember the day in the early 1990’s when a few of us at my previous employer, loaded into an office to see the remarkableness of being able to access OSHA documents on the computer. CROETweb even pre-dated Google! Imagine that.

We are pleased that we have finally completed updating this popular Resource Directory. We haven’t changed the essence of it: it remains a great way to quickly find some of the best, evidence-based documents and websites available, from Oregon and beyond. We will continue to add new resources regularly, and remove those that are no longer available or applicable. But the site is now both more accessible to all, and mobile friendly. We also hope that it encourages you to learn more about our Institute, the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, scientists and other educational offerings by improving the ease between traveling between all of our web sites.

Here’s a few tips that may enhance your experience:

  • When searching for something specific:
    • Check out the A-Z topic index.
    • Browse by category mid-way on the home page.
    • Search by keyword on the home page. Important warning for keyword search: to search the Resource Directory, ensure that you use the search listed on the home page under the term “Resources” below the banner picture. Other searches will run through our Institute or all of OHSU.
    • If you explore or find yourself on the Institute or Oregon Healthy Workforce Center webpages, just know that you only need to select the “Resource Directory” top navigation tab on any page to return to the Resource Directory.
  • New: “Featured Resource” on the home page. We will feature particularly good or important new resources regularly.
  • Find easier access to our Total Worker Health resources, both our OHWC Toolkit Kiosk, and the resources highlighted within the Resource Directory with short cuts listed below the Categories on the home page.
  • The home page provides quick access to the following resources: access to the Toxicology and Occupational Health Centers, sign up for our monthly newsletter, access OR-FACE, read our Oregon and the Workplace Blog, and access our upcoming training events.
  • All of the previous URL’s have been redirected to this site. Update your bookmark to:

As always, we hope you will share your feedback with us as you explore the resources. Thanks for supporting our efforts!

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  1. Thanks for continuing to make exceptional resources available on such a wide variety of topics! We all knew “CROETweb” wouldn’t last forever, but I’m glad to see the new look and feel doesn’t change our access to the same wonderful resources. Thanks for being such great partners and advocates for occupational safety, health, and well-being.

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