What are you doing for Safety Break?

IMG_1469As May approaches, we are reminded that Safety Break is nearly here! Oregon OSHA coordinates Safety Break, a one-day event designed to raise awareness and promote the value of workplace safety and health.

Oregon OSHA, as described on their Safety Break website, encourage organizations to create an event or initiative that best serves their needs and mission. Examples such as recognizing employee safety efforts, educating new employees about your organization’s safety commitment, and supporting safety committees are listed along with other examples on the website.

Our Institute is pleased that OHSU has joined the list of Oregon organizations that are participating in Safety Break 2017  by sponsoring a safety fair. In fact, those attending the fair can stop by the table sponsored by our Institute and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center to learn more about our resources, events and toolkits designed to improve workplace safety, health and well-being. If you are an OHSU employee, we hope to see you at the safety fair to be held from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM on Wednesday, May 10 in the Biomedical Information Community Center (BICC) Gallery. At this event you can learn more about OHSU safety groups and programs, engage with interactive exhibits and enjoy light refreshments.

And if you work outside of OHSU, we’d like to know: what do you have planned at Safety Break 2017? We thank Oregon OSHA for sponsoring this opportunity for all of us to formally prioritize workplace safety and health.