Occupational health spans the ocean again

Site visit group photo.

I feel lucky to have another opportunity to trade notes with our collaborators from Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) through OHSU Global Southeast Asia.

This week, Karin Drake, an occupational health nurse, and I are in the midst of providing another week of training in Bangkok involving BDMS occupational health nurses, safety staff, and occupational health medicine physicians.

As we experienced last year, collaborative learning allows us to share our knowledge and U.S. occupational health best practices, with our colleagues in Thailand. I am certain that I learn as much as I teach during these rich interactions.

Class participants prepare for group presentation.

This year’s advanced version of the course focuses more specifically on health hazards, especially those inhaled, and best practices using spirometry and medical evaluation, as well as more detail on air monitoring, respiratory protection and fit-testing.  Like last year, we had the opportunity to perform a site walkthrough so that the participants can practice their skills in identifying hazards, using relevant information to improve medical evaluations, and recommend workplace controls and practices to lower worker health risks. Total Worker Health-related conversations are also a natural discussion because of the occupational medical check up process used throughout Thailand.

Karin and I send a huge thank you to those supporting these efforts to collaboratively work toward health improvement.

Demonstrating spirometry coaching.