Making a difference on sleep apnea

Slide from the SAIF Agriculture Safety Seminar
Slide from the SAIF Agriculture Safety Seminar

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Lives are being changed by sharing health and safety messages supported by Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences research. During lunch at the 2013 Spring Symposium, I asked Dr. Steven Shea, the institute’s director, how best to persuade SAIF’s Agricultural Safety Seminar attendees to seek treatment for sleep apnea. From his work on sleep disorders, Steve suggested they self-diagnose by seeing if they have four of five indicators for sleep apnea: male, over 40, overweight, daytime sleepiness, and loud or frequent snorer. It worked! Every year since, farmers (and their spouses) have thanked me for providing that information and have shared stories of how their health, and their lives, have improved.

Kevin Pfau
Senior Safety Management Consultant
Safe and Healthy Workplace Center
SAIF Corporation