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Construction workers, homecare workers and young workers all have high rates of preventable injuries and illnesses. The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC) has developed Total Worker Health® toolkits to improve occupational safety, health, and well-being. These toolkits aim to cultivate effective supervision and educate workers on safety practices and healthy habits.

Our next step is to disseminate our evidence-based resources. We have created one-page infographics corresponding to each of the four toolkits, SHIP, PUSH, Be Super!, and COMPASS.

push-one-pager_23173791_ef22bf0c79686eaf37513afabea1ad313546368aWe would like your help! We have developed a brief survey as a way to test our promotional infographics. Let us know what you think! Your responses will be reported in the aggregate and no personally identifying data will be collected. In appreciation of your time and input, we’d like to offer a limited-time discount of 40% on a toolkit purchase. This survey closes July 31st.

Access the survey here:

Submitted by Sharanya Pradeep, Summer Intern (Outreach and Dissemination)