Oregon Healthy Workforce Center Toolkits

Picture1Research studies that began in 2011 at the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC) have resulted in four toolkits that we are eager to disseminate to workplaces! The toolkits, “SHIP”, “PUSH”, “Be Super!”, and “COMPASS” are for supervisors, young workers, construction workers, and homecare workers respectively. These evidence-based toolkits, described below, are designed to share our intervention findings in a practical manner so to promote occupational safety, health and well-being within the workplace.

  • Safety & Health Improvement Program (SHIP) is intended for supervisors and their teams. SHIP can reduce stress and work-life conflict, increase safety practices, improve employee health and safety, and improve team communication and effectiveness. Originally tested in the construction industry, it has been adapted for use in other industries as well.
  • Promoting U Through Safety & Health (PUSH) was created to help young workers, who may be more likely to be injured at work, know their rights, advocate for their safety, health, and well-being. PUSH includes supervisor training with supervisor-led “Start the Conversation Activities”, a Tumblr page (social media) and engaging videos to supplement and reinforce information introduced in the training.
  • Be Super! toolkit strives to improve the safety, health, and wellbeing of employees through supervisor skill training, behavioral self-monitoring cards, scripted lessons and take home activities. Geared toward the construction industry, Be Super! aims to improve communication between employees and supervisors and help cultivate healthy lifestyle behaviors, which can decrease blood pressure, unhealthy food and beverage consumption, and improve employee happiness and productivity.
  • Community of Practice and Safety Support (COMPASS) was designed to safeguard the health of home care workers. Homecare workers experience higher rates of physical and mental illness when compared to workers in other industries, and generally work isolated without coworker support. COMPASS provides a support network for homecare workers, encouraging them to set goals, participate in team activities and challenges, attend small, in-person group meetings, and learn about pertinent job safety and health topics.

SHIP, PUSH, Be Super!, and COMPASS are low cost, feasible toolkits that can be implemented in any organization. Contact OHWC if you think a toolkit is right for your organization!

Submitted by Sharanya Pradeep, 2017 OHWC Intern