What a summer we’ve had P.S.

Summer Intern '17And regarding those summer interns: Ever wonder just what it is they are researching? All of us at the Institute and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center congratulate our 2017 summer research interns for presenting posters on the following research topics:
  • Oskar Linde, Portland State University, Stephen Lloyd Lab – Development of fluorescent chimeric DNA repair enzymes for detection of DNA damage.
  • Lydia Lutsyshyna, Reed College, Matt Buter Lab – The Development Consequences of Mis-timed Feedings.
  • Jessica Nguyen, Portland State University, Leslie Hammer Lab – Role Ambiguity and Job Satisfaction Among Forest Service Employees: Moderating Effects of General Support.
  • Molly Herinckx, Oregon State University, Mitch Turker Lab – Measuring Cytogenetic Aberrations Induced by Simulated Galactic Cosmic Rays.
  • Gregory Heinonen, Oregon State University, David Hurtado Lab – Lacking Co-Worker Support for Safe Patient Handling May Contribute to High Rates of Turnover in Nursing Staff: An Exploratory Analysis.
  • Randall Olson, University of Portland, Miranda Lim Lab – Decreased Motor Function in a Combined Mouse Model of TBI and PTSD.
  • Sydney O’Neill, Portland State University, Brad Wipfli Lab – Evaluating Pedal Stand Measurement and Intervention Methods.
  • Ali Noel Gunesch, Brown University, Charles Allen Lab – Cannabinoids and the Circadian Clock.
  • Izzy Fawson, Lewis and Clark College, Doris Kretzschmar Lab – Homozygous hTau Mutants Cause loss of function in Drosophila.
  • Sharanya Pradeep, Portland State University, OHWC Outreach Core – Disseminating Toolkits from the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center.
  • Jonathan Sisley, Oregon State University, Ryan Olson Lab – Sleep Device and Fatigue Evaluation for Team Truck Drivers.
  • Payton Bushaw, University of Portland, Suzanne Mitchell Lab – Comparing Measures of Delay Discounting in Rats.
  • Meera Bhide, Cornell University, Steven Shea Lab – Cannabis Use and Sleep: An Online Survey.
  • Austen Suits, University of Washington, Peter Spencer Lab – Magpi© Software for Data Collection on Sleep Deprivation from Multiple Populations Simultaneously: Comparing the Pacific Northwest to Uganda.
  • Natashia Andrews, Oregon State University, Amanda McCullough Lab – DNA Repair Enzyme Reduces Risk of Cancerous Mutations in Melanocyte Cell Lines.
  • Teala Alvord, Portland State University, Ryan Olson Lab – COMPASS Intervention Adaptation for Personal Support Workers.