A Year of Impact: Health impacts safety

year of impactPerhaps you’ve seen or used our Health Impacts Safety meeting guides? Health Impacts Safety toolbox and safety meeting guides have been developed to support organizations integrating workplace safety, health, wellness and well-being. Each Total Worker Health guide can be downloaded and printed freely.

Our Institute and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center are now excited to offer A Year of Impact: a free downloadable PDF including instructions, annual topic calendar, and twelve months of topics (English and Spanish) for safety, wellness, and well-being committees, or other small teams or meetings. Our newest guides include TWH#11: What’s respect got to do with it? and TWH#12: What’s mindfulness got to do with it? Thanks to SAIF Corporation for our Spanish translations.

The complete twelve guide set now includes:

  • TWH1: What’s sleep got to do with it?
  • TWH2: What’s my heart got to do with it?
  • TWH3: What’s diabetes got to do with it?
  • TWH4: What’s the sun got to do with it?
  • TWH5: What’s sitting got to do with it?
  • TWH6: What’s eating got to do with it?
  • TWH7:Why work when you are sick?
  • TWH8: What’s stress got to do with it?
  • TWH9: What’s exercise got to do with it?
  • TWH10: What’s distracted driving got to do with it?
  • TWH11: What’s respect got to do with it?
  • TWH12: What’s mindfulness got to do with it?

Visit our Health Impacts Safety webpage to view and download the guides, and see supporting, additional material.

You can also learn more about them and other toolkits by visiting us at our upcoming conference exhibits, including Washington Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health, Central OR Occupational Safety and Health, and American Heart Association Summit in September; and Southern Oregon Occupational Safety and Health, Oregon Public Health Association, Business Health Services Safety and Health, Oregon State Association of Occupational Health Nurses, and, Northwest Occupational Health Conference in October. See all events. Whew! We hope you see you then.