Western States occupational health community gathers in Denver

WestON2017 audienceAn engaged group of epidemiologists and other occupational health and public health professionals gathered in Denver last week for the 10th annual Western States Occupational Network (WestON) meeting. The Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program (OR-FACE) and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center made presentations. The mix of “Quick Takes” presentations, panel discussions, and small group breakouts sparked lively discussions and new potential collaborations.  Michael Grabell of ProPublica gave the provocative keynote – The Dismantling of Workers’ Comp.

WestON2017 BLE at podium
Barb Epstien, fatality investigator/outreach specialist in the OR-FACE program gave a Quick Takes presentation about OR-FACE’s unique partnerships aimed at preventing agricultural fatalities in Oregon including our social network analysis currently underway with wine growers. The aim of the study is to identify the opinion leaders in the industry to more effectively disseminate information about equipment safety practices and innovations.WestON2017 BLE Q+A

Kent Anger of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center presented as part of a panel of two NIOSH Total Worker Health® (TWH) Centers of Excellence in the West and Casey Chosewood Director of the NIOSH TWH program at NIOSH. sharing insights on how TWH can effectively improve safety, health and well-being at the workplace and help occupational health resonate with the typical public health student.WestON2017 KA at podium

Submitted by Barb Epstien, OR-FACE